Supporting Merchant Taylors' School


“I am delighted to be helping the School provide opportunities for those who would otherwise be denied such an education and would urge everyone to join and do what they can to support this fine cause.” 

David Fraser, Merchant Taylors’ School, 1953 – 1957.

There are many ways in which you can support Merchant Taylors’ School and all gifts, regardless of magnitude, will make a real difference to the lives of current and future boys of the School. Our main fundraising goal is to recommit to the School’s founding goal of funding 150 boys with serious financial need. We strive to achieve the dual aims of excellence and accessibility and believe that no pupil should be dissuaded from attending Merchant Taylors’ School on financial grounds. Bursaries are means-tested and are awarded to boys who have qualified to join the School, but who otherwise would not be able to attend. We also raise funds for other priority projects around the School that have an immediate impact on the lives of present and future MTS boys and staff.

All gifts for the benefit of Merchant Taylors’ School should be made to the Merchant Taylors' School Charitable Fund. There are a number of ways you can support and all options are available on our donation form. The School is a registered charity and therefore tax can be reclaimed on donations. For more information about tax efficient giving, please click here.


Merchant Taylors' Fund (annual fund) - for regular or one-off gifts

Capital Campaign - for major gifts to bursaries or building projects

Legacies - to leave money in your Will to Merchant Taylors' School