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Concordia - front cover Winter 2020


The OMT magazine, Concordia, is published annually (previously twice annually) and is posted to all OMTs we have contact details for. If you don't receive it, or have recently moved please do send us your contact details so we can update our mailing list.

We always welcome news, whether personal or professional, to include in the Class Notes section of Concordia. If you would like your news to be included in the next edition please send it, along with a photograph, to

The OMT e-newsletter Parvae Res, is sent three times annually. This includes details of our forthcoming events along with snippets of school life. If you do not yet receive this, again please do send us your contact details.

For the school's publications, including the Taylorian and Scissorum, the school's weekly e-bulletin, please click here.

The school YouTube channel shows video interviews with current and former teaching staff and some of our alumni. Please do take a look.

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Digital Taylorian

If you came to this page to find the Digital Taylorian archive, you need to visit this page here. You will only have access if you are logged in to the site and have the appropriate permissions to view it. If you are logged in and think you should be able to view it and are unable to, please do get in touch with the Development Office at