An Introduction to the OMT Society

The Old Merchant Taylors’ Society is made up of former pupils of the Merchant Taylors’ School and their associates and families.

The school was founded in the City of London in 1561 and has been situated at at Sandy Lodge, Northwood, Hertfordshire since 1933.

The Old Merchant Taylors’ have long been a strong community: the first recorded formal meeting of the Old Merchant Taylors’ was a dinner at Merchant Taylors’ Hall in December 1698, and the first old boys’ lodge was established in 1879.

Old Merchant Taylors’ has a particularly strong sporting heritage. The OMT Football Club was established as one of the first rugby clubs in London in 1882 and the Cricket Club followed thirty years later. In 2011, the OMT Sports Club relocated the purpose-build War Memorial Clubhouse at Sandy Lodge, where the rugby, hockey, football and cricket clubs are all based. The Sports Club is open to all and alumni or otherwise are always welcome at Sandy Lodge to participate or spectate!

The Society is a growing community with over 4000 members worldwide and very close links with the school. All members are welcome to enjoy dinners, reunions and other functions throughout year. Every member of the Society receives its OMT Society News Sheet magazine, which is published three times a year and provides news, announcements, reports and photographs covering the wide range of OMT activity.

In the pages of this website, there are details of future events, links to the sports clubs and the School. It will not attempt to duplicate what has been published in the OMT Society News Sheet, but will act as an easy reference and provide updated news on a regular basis.

To download a copy of the OMT Society rules, please click here.