Sport at the OMT Club

The formation of the OMT Club at Sandy Lodge gives us the opportunity to bring all the various sporting sections under one roof. 

In addition to the Rugby Football, Cricket and Hockey sections there are other sporting bodies. Fives has met regularly and used the courts at the school for many years, now they will be able to quench their thirst after playing. There is a Squash team that plays in the old boys Londonderry cup, maybe there could be the emergence of a regular group. Golf, whose adopted home is Moor Park GC could perhaps use the new facility as a HQ, which might help boost membership. Two initiatives that will certainly be happening are an Association Football team and also a ladies hockey team. 

It is important, however, that the OMT Club is not just used as the focal point of sport but also as a social centre for those less interested in working up a sweat!

To find out more about each OMT Sporting Section, please follow the links below to their individual websites:

OMT Rugby

OMT Hockey

OMT Cricket

OMT Football