Membership of the OMT Club

Membership of OMT Club is open to anyone with a connection to Merchant Taylors’ School. OMT Club is defined as a private members' club to comply with the requirements of our drinks licence and, as such, users are required to be paid-up members of the Club to use the facility.

Sporting Section Membership

If you are a playing or non-playing member of one of the OMT Sporting Sections, your subscription already includes your OMT Club membership fee for the year. Your sport section representative will give you a membership card on receipt of your annual subscription.

Social Membership

If you would like to use the OMT Clubhouse without joining one of the sporting sections, you can join as a Social Member. If you want to hire the Clubhouse for an event, then we ask that you join the Club as a Social Member to comply with the requirements of our drinks licence.

The annual fee for Social Membership is currently £25.

OMT Society

If you are a Member of the OMT Society (former pupil of Merchant Taylors’ School) you may visit the Club on an occasional basis without being a member. If you anticipate visiting the Club more that five times in a year, then we ask that you join OMT club.

Membership Card

Once we have approved your membership application and received your fee, we will send you a membership card. The card provides proof of membership of the Club and will give you a reduction in the prices you pay for drinks, crisps and confectionary at the Club bar. These prices are only available on the production of a prepaid card. Click here to read a bit more information about the membership card and how it works. Please ask any of the staff at the Club if you need any help.

Membership Forms

Please use one of the forms available at the links below if you would like to join OMT Club as a new Social Member of if you would like to renew your current Social Membership.

New Membership Form

Membership Renewal Form