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Our Merchant Taylors' Together online events series are all free of charge and can be booked here by choosing the relevant event and entering your details. The events take place on Zoom and you will be sent details of how to join the event nearer the time.

While there is no charge for the events, we have given the option - with no pressure at all - to make a donation towards the Merchant Taylors' Together Fund. This Fund supports bursaries for boys whose families have been hardest hit financially by the pandemic and have found they can no longer afford the fees. The Fund enables these boys to remain, keeping our community together. 

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If you book and you find you are no longer able to attend, this is not a problem at all. If you can let us know, that would be much appreciated as some of our events have a capacity and we may be able to offer your space to someone else. Thank you!

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Thursday 16 September
18:30 - 19:30
Genealogist and Mayflower descendent, George English (OMT 1959-1964) has researched many of the principal passengers and crew of the original Mayflower journey. In this talk on the commonly recognised 401st anniversary of the voyage, George will explain the reasons for the journey, how it was financed and what happened to many of the passengers when they arrived in what is now known as Cape Cod.
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1620: the Mayflower Journey: